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February 2017 upDATER - Big Ideas

February 27, 2017
Dear Dater Families,
In Dr. Murphy's most recent Ramsey Review, he highlighted Dater School's presentation at the January's Board of Education.  The text is below.

Taking advantage of the recent internet trend, Dater School recently held a school wide contest that challenged each homeroom to create a Mannequin Challenge that represents Ramsey School District's shared vision of 21st century learning. At the January 24th Board of Education meeting, fourth grade teacher Ms. Amanda Cilli and two of her students, Chloe Yi and Joseph Mazzilli, presented their homeroom's winning submission. Ms. Cilli first explained how the class discussed the idea of 21st century learning and then reviewed the 10 skills that are outlined in "A Ramsey Student Will."  She went on to explain how the next steps of their process were to brainstorm how these skills apply to them as fourth graders, design a classroom scene to depict those skills, rehearse, and then film their final Mannequin Challenge.  Ms. Cilli then passed the baton to Chloe and Joseph who guided the Board of Education trustees and audience through their video and explained how they set up each scene of "frozen" students to represent the concepts of 21st century learning initiative.  The students discussed how the project helped them gain a deeper understanding of the district's vision and promised to try and build on these competencies each day until their graduation from Ramsey High School in 2025!

Here is a link to the challenge given to every homeroom at Dater and below is the winning submission. Enjoy!
Ms. Cilli's Mannequin Challenge
Ms. Cilli's Mannequin Challenge
Andrew Matteo