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March 2017 upDATER - Nuts and Bolts

March 6, 2017
Dear Parents,

The Ramsey School District prides itself on providing your children the opportunity to experience an exceptional, developmentally appropriate education. Throughout this school year, we have provided our students with rigorous, high-quality learning experiences across the curriculum. We are confident that through these experiences, our students are securing the necessary skills and strategies to be self-directed learners capable of meeting and/or exceeding grade level expectations.

Our instructional design, curriculum, assessments and classroom experiences have all served to benefit our students as they prepare to meet their future educational goals and to participate in Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC).  Prior to the actual testing dates (see below), all Ramsey students will have already participated in activities and/or practice assessments using the same technology.

The following information will allow you to better understand the testing structure for the PARCC testing window:

  • Fifth graders will participate in the PARCC Assessment from May 1-5.  
  • Fourth graders will participate in the PARCC Assessment from May 8-12.
  • Make-up testing will take place the week of May 15-19.
  • More than one unit may be tested on a single day.
  • Some units will be taken in the morning and some units will be taken in the afternoon.
  • The table below includes a detailed breakdown of the units.

Subject Unit Unit Testing Time (in minutes)
Mathematics 1 60

2 60

3 60

4 60
ELA/Literacy 1 90

2 90

3 90

We invite you to explore the following websites to become more familiar with the PARCC assessment:

The goals, vision and mission of the Ramsey Public Schools remains committed to equipping our students with the necessary skills and strategies to be successful throughout their K-12 experience and beyond. Our focus continues to be on nurturing lifelong learners who are not only college and career ready, but able to think critically and solve real-world problems in our quickly changing complex, global society. If you have any further questions regarding our academic programs, curriculum or the upcoming PARCC assessments, you are welcome to contact me.


Andrew Matteo