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October 2016 upDATER - Nuts and Bolts

Cap Day for the National Down Syndrome Society Buddy Walk
To kick off the week we will be participating in a school-wide Cap Day to support the upcoming National Down Syndrome Society Buddy Walk.  Students can wear a hat to school, donate a dollar, and continue our work towards creating a learning environment that celebrates differences.
Six Pillars of Character
As we have in years past, we will also be highlighting the Pillars of Character by assigning a specific color for each day of the week.
On Friday, 9/30, students and staff are encouraged to wear Red (Think Heart) for Caring.
On Tuesday 10/4 students and staff are encouraged to wear Blue (Think True Blue) for Trustworthiness.
On Wednesday, 10/5 students and staff are encouraged to wear Orange (Think Sharing an Orange) for Fairness.
On Thursday, 10/6, students and staff are encouraged to wear Purple (Think Royalty) for Citizenship.
On Friday, 10/7 students and staff are encouraged to wear their Spirit Day t-shirts.
Awareness of Food Allergies
During this week of respect we also want to be extra-sensitive towards students with food allergies. We encourage you to consider sending your child in with a nut-free and citrus-free lunch so they can join their friends at the allergy-free table. All students are able to sit at these tables as long as their lunch does not contain nuts or citrus (lemonade, oranges, etc). Hopefully this will begin a habit that lasts throughout the year.  Dater School will also be participating in the Change for Food Allergies campaign during the week of October 17 through 21 to help raise awareness of food allergies and support the Food Allergy Education and Research (FARE) Walk on October 22.  Thank you for your support in helping make Dater a more inclusive learning community.
Class Meetings with Guidance Counselor
Additionally, Mrs. Fishman has been visiting each classroom to do a class lesson on Respectful Listening.  Our students will be practicing three skills respectful listeners demonstrate when others are speaking to them. These skills are: maintaining good eye contact, having respectful body language (turned toward the speaker, no slouching) and making relevant comments or asking relevant questions.  Our fourth and fifth graders are discovering that practicing and using respectful listening skills has an added benefit for them: building stronger connections with peers, teachers and family members!
Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship continues to be a focus at Dater and throughout the Ramsey Schools.  In Informational Technology, both fourth and fifth grade grade levels have participated in Digital Citizenship activities where they have pledged to act positively and appropriately when using technology both in and outside of school. A class pledge was created and signed by each student along with displaying student fingerprints to show acceptance of good digital citizenship. Fifth grade students have spent time with Mrs. Fishman (Guidance Counselor), Mrs. Schinski (Information Technology Specialist), and myself analyzing and discussing scenarios with regards to respecting others in online communities.  These discussions will continue throughout the school year.  On October 6th all Dater students will take part in a Digital Citizenship assembly presented by Common Sense Media.  There will also be a related Parent Academy about Digital Citizenship taking place that night at Smith School.