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Enrichment GoalsGrades 6-8 Enrichment Club Program
Suzanne Wilson

*The Enrichment Program begins at the end of September
Program Goal:
The goal of the Enrichment Program at Smith Middle School is to provide a wide array of differentiated programs designed to address the academic needs of highly able learners. The program promotes an environment rich in creative thinking and problem solving. Committed to engaging students in an advanced learning-enriched atmosphere, the program recognizes and promotes individual student goals.

Students are selected to participate in the Enrichment Program through multiple assessment tools: previous participation, previous year report card grades of A or higher in level 1 math and reading, and at least one teacher recommendation.  

Program Design:
The Enrichment Program meets every day. Each day of the week has a different theme and students sign up for the program (s), which interest them. Some of the courses include but are not limited to: Math Oympiads, Stock Market, Bergen Brain Busters, Cryptology, Build-Off, Artifact Box, and CSI.  Students who have been selected can attend classes 1-5 times a week.