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The READING and WRITING unit we are currently in for the next 3 weeks is a review of the reading and writing units covered thus far in fourth grade.  This unit allows the children to read various genres and answer higher-level thinking questions about the text.  It requires the children to go back to the text to uncover the answers and incorporate text evidence to support their answers using evidence-based terms.  They will indulge in literary analysis which requires the children to compare and contrast two texts, research simulation which is when the children are encouraged to read texts and acquire information from other sources like videos to gather information and answer higher-level questions, and narrative tasks which involves using all of the knowledge they learned during one of the very first units covered including characters, setting, plot, theme, point of view, etc. to complete tasks.  This unit is the perfect way to ensure lifelong knowledge of the topics covered this year.  It is also the perfect way to prepare my students for the upcoming state test-the PARCC-which will have the children completing similar tasks.

In this integrated SOCIAL STUDIES unit, we will be investigating The American Revolution.  Students will learn how historians investigate the past, what events happened that led to the Revolutionary War, who the leaders/groups were that influenced the creation of NJ, the perspectives of relationships between the colonists and Britain, the importance of the Declaration of Ind. and why it was created, key battles that were fought in NJ, and why NJ is considered the Crossroads of the Revolution. 

 Students will learn different historical skills within our integrated unit.   They will analyze documents and photographs and use evidence to form ideas (theories) about different conflicts.  They will practice predicting and inferring to draw conclusions based on different modalities.  Students will learn how perspective informs people's responses, choices and motivation.  Also, they will learn how American Identity changes over time. Lastly, students will make real world connections using evidence and analyzing text.