35 School Street • Ramsey, NJ 07446

The 2015-16 Season of Ramsey Alive is here!

Ms. Simon's Class on Ramsey Alive

Past episodes are located on Mr. Quinlan's Faculty page and on the Dater School Vimeo Channel.
The page is private and the password is: daterschool
For privacy reasons, nobody is able to download any of the videos.
A special thank you to Mr. Quinlan, Mr. Ramsden, The Ramsey Education Foundation, The Dater School PTO, and all of the teachers and the students in Dater School who have made Ramsey Alive such a success.
Thanks to the generous donation of the PTO, all episodes are filmed using cutting-edge equipment (HD Video Camera, MacBook Pro, and FinalCut Pro Software).
Don't miss any of our Ramsey Alive programs. You’ll see our talented fifth graders interviewing peers about their favorite pets, their talents, and their dreams. You’ll hear movie reviews from a kid’s point of view! There is Kid Facts, with interesting unusual trivia of useless importance for kids, Out and About which takes us out of the studio and into our town, and lots of unscheduled fun which can only be enjoyed if you watch the show!