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A central mission of schooling is the teaching of the subject disciplines.  Each subject has a body of information, concepts, and models of inquiry that provide insight and knowledge about the world in which we live.  Society passes this knowledge from one generation to the next through its educational institutions.  The hope is that students will utilize this knowledge to become responsible, ethical, and productive citizens with the potential to improve the quality of life for all human beings. 
At Smith Middle School, we are proud of the quality of our academic program.  Our school motto, "A Tradition of Excellence," represents a long tradition of academic achievement, innovation, and advanced teaching practices.  A brief overview of the middle school's program, accomplishments, and innovative practices are contained in the "Principal's Message" on this website. 
This section, entitled, Academics, will provide information, research, and special reports that will help parents to better understand the philosophy, goals, and practices associated with the academic program at Smith School.  It will also provide advice, strategies, and resources to assist students with their academics.