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In the event that a student being transported by either a Ramsey Public Schools-owned van/bus or by a contracted bus carrier cannot be safely delivered to the designated location, the following shall take place:


  • Driver determines that the student cannot be safely delivered.
  • Driver/bus company communicates in the following order with the
    • Bus Company
    • Building-Level School Secretary
    • Central Office District Transportation Coordinator
    • Central Office Administrator
  • The Building-Level School Secretary checks the student's emergency card and attempts to communicate with a parent/guardian or other designated adult(s).
  • The Building-Level School Secretary contacts the Central Office District Transportation Coordinator.
  • The Bus Driver brings the undeliverable student back to their assigned school. 
  • If attempts to contact the responsible adult are not successful, the student is delivered to the Ramsey Police Department.  The Ramsey Police Department will then assume responsibility for contacting the appropriate designated adult.  The Ramsey Police Department is located at the corner of North Central Avenue and School Street.  Student must be brought INSIDE the Police Department.