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Toni Small
Special Services Transportation Coordinator
Special Services Department
John Y. Dater School
35 School Street
Ramsey  NJ  07446
Phone:  (201) 785-2300 Ext. 25401
Fax:  (201) 785-2363
Secondary Contacts:
Priscilla Gutkin--(201) 785-2300 Ext. 25473     pgutkin@ramsey.k12.nj.us
Eileen Thomas--(201) 785-2300 Ext. 25413     ethomas@ramsey.k12.nj.us
Northwest Bergen Council
for Special Services
Region One Transportation Services
C/O  Mahwah Board of Education/Joyce Kilmer School
60 Ridge Road
Mahwah  NJ  07430
Phone:  (201) 762-2473 *Debra Rybek (Special Education Busing)
               (201) 762-2471 Linda Raven (Transportation Director & Bergen Academy)
Fax:  (201) 762-2431
Students with special needs shall be provided with transportation in accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:39-1 et seq. and in accordance with their Individual Education Program (IEP).


Please note:  


Please contact your child's Case Manager if your child requires Special Needs Transportation.
All transportation changes, deletions, and additions, must be submitted by the Case Manager to the Special Services Transportation Coordinator (Toni Small--1-201-785-2300 Ext. 25401) no later than Friday, August 12, 2016.  Please submit changes, deletions, and additions as far in advance of this date as possible.  Time is needed to process the many applications and changes that the Special Services Transportation Coordinator receives.  Requests will be processed again after September 19, 2016.  If it is possible to accommodate your change prior to that date, you will be informed.  Parents must transport students until busing information is received in the mail.  For transportation changes, the busing schedule that parents initially receive in the mail will be kept in place until an updated busing schedule is received in the mail.  Thank you for your cooperation during this busy time of year.
After September 19, 2016, during the school year, requests for transportation or transportation changes have a 10 school-day turn-around time from date and time of receipt.  Parents must transport students until busing information is received in the mail. 
Requests for special pick-up/drop-off times and locations cannot be honored.


All day variances have been eliminated.

Students will be picked-up at ONLY one location and dropped-off at ONLY one location EVERY DAY.  This location must be in Ramsey.


New Jersey State Law does not require local Boards of Education to pick-up or drop-off at Day Care Centers.  Per State Law, eligibility criteria is from home to the public school.  In addition, New Jersey State Statutes do not allow Bus Drivers and Bus Aides to leave the bus or children unattended.  At times, it may be possible for the Ramsey Board of Education to pick-up or drop-off at Day Care Centers located in Ramsey.  This would be done as a FAVOR--not a right.  It would be the responsibility of the Day Care Center to provide their own Aide to bring the student to or from the Van.  In addition, all Day Care Center students must be toileted prior to entering the Van.
Required Special Needs Transportation must be stated in your child's Individual Education Program (IEP).  Resource Room and Speech Language students get busing only if they meet the mileage eligibility requirements.   Please let your Case Manager know, at the time your child's IEP is being set-up, whether or not your child requires Special Needs Transportation.  Please also let your Case Manager know any special equipment (Booster Seat, Car Seat, Wheelchair, Harness, etc.) that your child may need and the specific "to school" pick-up location and the specific "from school" drop-off location.  Child Care Providers must be located in Ramsey.  If you will be driving your child either way, please let your Case Manager and the District Transportation Coordinator know that information also.  If your child is enrolled in a before-or-after school program, your Case Manager and the District Transportation Coordinator will need to know.  If your child is enrolled in the Wrap-Around Kindergarten Program, through Ramsey Adult School, your Case Manager and the District Transportation Coordinator will need to know that information from you.


Subscription Busing:  Special Education parents whose child's IEP states that they need transportation will receive Special Education busing for free through the Special Services Department.  Please contact your child's Case Manager.  Parents of Special Education students who are NOT ELIGIBLE for Special Education busing (i.e. Resource Room or Speech Language students) may apply for Subscription Busing.
Unless special equipment is requested by the parent to their child's Case Manager and the Special Services Transportation Coordinator, students in grade K-12 normally wear seat belts, and preschoolers normally use a Booster Seat.  If your child is of smaller size or weight, a Car Seat can be provided upon request.
Joint Custody students who are eligible for busing are entitled to one bus and one bus stop.  This bus and bus stop will be at the student's primary residence only.  Legal documentation of who the primary resident for school purposes is must be submitted to the In-District Transportation Coordinato at Central Office.  Subscription Busing Joint Custody Students:  The parent who signs the form is the person responsible for full payment of the amount due.  The Ramsey Board of Education is not responsible for collecting monies from ex-spouses.


ALL students must be OUTSIDE AND READY at their assigned bus stop AT LEAST 5 MINUTES BEFORE their scheduled pick-up time.


1.  The district board of education shall provide transportation as required in the IEP.  Such services may include, but are not limited to, special transportation equipment, transportation aides, and special arrangements for other assistance to and from the school.


2.  When an out-of-district placement for educational reasons is made by a resident district board of education, transportation shall be provided consistent with the school calendar of the receiving school.


3.  When necessary, the student's case manager shall provide the Special Services Transportation Coordinator (Toni Small), the In-District Transportation Coordinator (Brenda Myer),  and the Bus Driver with specific information including safety concerns, mode of communication, and health and behavioral characteristics of a student assigned.


4.  Students with disabilities below the age of five shall be transported in vehicles equipped with safety belts or other child restraint systems.