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For safety reasons, all students are picked-up and dropped-off on the residence-side of the street wherever possible.  Students must use their own assigned bus stop.  Students may not get on or off the bus at an earlier or later bus stop.  Students may not cross major roads. 

The Ramsey School District utilizes outside contractors and Ramsey District vans for pupil transportation.  For questions/concerns, see "Contact Information" section under  "Transportation" on this website for further information.

By state law, a student can walk up to, and including, 2 miles (elementary/middle) and 2 1/2 miles (high school) to get to their bus stop.


Please note:  


All transportation changes, deletions, and additions, must be submitted to the Transportation Coordinator no later than Friday, August 12, 2016.  Time is needed to process the many applications and changes that the Transportation Coordinator receives.  Requests will be processed again after September 19, 2016.  If it is possible to accommodate your change prior to that date, you will be informed.  Parents are responsible for transporting students until busing information is received in the mail.  For transportation changes, the busing schedule that parents initially receive in the mail will be kept in place until an updated bus schedule is received in the mail.  Thank you for your cooperation during this busy time of year.
After September 19, 2016, during the school year, requests for transportation or transportation changes have a 10 school-day turn-around time from date and time of receipt.  Parents must transport students until busing information is received in the mail.
Requests for special pick-up times/drop-off times/bus stop locations cannot be honored.


All day variances have been eliminated.


Day Care Centers:  New Jersey State Law does not require local Boards of Education to pick-up or drop-off at Day Care Centers.  Per State Law, eligibility criteria is from home to the public school.  The Ramsey Board of Education will provide transportation to or from a Day Care Center located in Ramsey as a favor and with the cooperation of all parties concerned.  Students must be toileted before getting on the bus.  An Aide from the Day Care Center must bring the child out to the bus.  New Jersey State Statutes do not allow Bus Drivers and Bus Aides to leave the bus or children unattended.
Students will be picked-up at ONLY one location and dropped-off at ONLY one location EVERY DAY.  This location must be in Ramsey.
Joint Custody students who are eligible for busing are entitled to one bus and one bus stop.  This bus and bus stop will be at the student's primary residence only.  
Legal Proof of which parent is the parent of primary residence for school purposes is required.  For Subscription Busing Joint Custody students, the parent who signs the form is responsible for the full subscription busing payment.  The Ramsey Board of Education is not responsible for collecting monies from ex-spouses.
Parents of Special Needs students must contact their child's Case Manager to set up IEP busing for their child.  Resource Room and Speech Language students receive busing only if they qualify mileage-wise.  Special Education parents whose child's IEP states that they need transportation will receive Special Education busing for free through the Special Services Department.  Please contact your child's Case Manager.  Parents of Special Education students who are NOT ELIGIBLE for Special Education busing may apply for Subscription Busing.  See "Special Needs Transportation" and "Subscription Busing" sections under "Transportation" on this website for further information.



Parents should review all Bus Safety Rules with each child.  See "Bus Safety Rules" section under "Transportation" on this website.

Change of Address:  If you move during the school year, please inform the school that your student attends as well as the District Transportation Coordinator at your earliest opportunity.

Bus Assignments:  We are required by the state to transport eligible children to and from home.  Allowing children to ride buses they are not assigned to may cause overcrowding on those buses, preventing the students assigned to them from having a safe and comfortable ride.  Consistency of routes is also very important for safety.  Therefore, students will NOT be allowed to ride with friends for any reason.  However, if there are enough seats available, temporary transportation may be arranged if the parent/guardian is going to be out of town.  Parents/Guardians must call the Transportation Office at (201) 785-2300 Ext. 0 or 20450 to make prior arrangements.  Transportation will NOT be provided for students to attend parties, club meetings, medical appointments, etc.  Please make other arrangements for such situations.

Parents are responsible for transporting a.m. Kindergarten students home from school.

If your child will not be using the bus either to or from school this year or withdraws from our school system mid-year, please call the In-District Transportation Coordinator as soon as possible to relay this information: (201) 785-2300 Ext. 0 or 20450.

A bus schedule will be forwarded to you before school begins. In the case of students who are new or who transfer in during the school year, please contact the In-District Transportation Coordinator to set up your child’s busing:  (201) 785-2300 Ext. 0 or 20450.  There will be a turn-around time before you receive your child’s transportation documents.  You will be responsible for transporting your child to and from school during the turn-around time.

Bus Stops:  Bus stops are determined by need and location of bus riders, and may change from year-to-year.  Students must use the stop assigned unless another stop is approved by the Transportation Office.  Bus drivers are NOT required to stop if there are no students waiting, so it is important for students to be at their bus stop 5 minutes before bus time, waiting to board the bus.  Students may not get on or off the bus at an earlier or later bus stop.  Parents must give written permission to the School, Bus Driver, and In-District Transportation Coordinator if student is allowed to temporarily get on/off the bus at a different bus stop location. This must be on the same bus route that the child already takes. Subscription Busing students must utilize Bus Stops on already-established, contracted 54-passenger bus routes.  Per District Subscription Busing Policy, additional bus stops will not be added in order to accommodate students participating in the Subscription Busing Program. (Operations Policy 8611)

To request a permanent bus stop change: Email/Phone requests with specifics and reason to the In-District Transportation Coordinator:  (201) 785-2300 Ext. 0 or 20450/bmyer@ramsey.k12.nj.us.

Route Timing:  Please note that the times listed on your child’s bus schedule are approximate times. The Bus Driver may be a few minutes earlier or a few minutes later.  When school opens in the fall, inconsistencies in route timings are often experienced.  Fortunately, the weather during that time of the year is usually quite pleasant, and we appreciate your patience as drivers get familiar with their routes and riders.  As the year progresses, the times should be more consistent.  The weather, traffic, and students not riding can affect the timing.

Delayed Openings:  On days when a Delayed Opening has been instituted, your child will be picked up two hours later than the time scheduled on your child's bus schedule.  Morning sessions of the kindergarten classes and the half-day a.m. Preschool Disabilities class will be cancelled.  The full-day Preschool classes will use a two-hour delay.  Regular, Early Dismissal, and Delayed Opening times are noted on your child's bus stop schedule.  See "Opening and Closing Bell Schedule Times" section on this website for further information.

Delayed Bus Procedure:  If the bus is delayed, your child should wait 15 minutes after his/her assigned bus stop time before returning home. The “delayed bus” procedure should be followed for emergency situations only and is not meant to be used as a “late” or “missed” bus service. The procedure to be followed for such an incident is as follows:

Please do not leave a message at the High School or at Ext. 0 or 20450 (In-District Transportation Coordinator)Please do not hit the # key for an Employee Directory.

After dialing (201) 785-2300, you will hear the message, “Thank you for calling the Ramsey Public Schools. If you know your party’s extension, dial it now.” Immediately dial “20500” (Bus Drivers’ Mailbox), and leave your message.  After dialing (201) 785-2300, you can also press “1” for Board Office, then press “6” (not “5”) in the Board Office Tree to get to the Bus Drivers’ Mailbox.  Please dial slowly and press each digit firmly, so that the voice mail system can pick up the tone.


Student Name
Home Address
Telephone Number
Route Number (contracted buses)
Van Driver's Name (Ramsey District Van routes)
School of Attendance
Assigned Bus Stop Location
Per N.J.S.A. 18A:39-1.5, because the Ramsey School District does not provide courtesy busing, the District is not obligated to adopt a policy regarding the transportation of students who must walk to and from school along hazardous routes.  Sidewalks and traffic signs come under the jurisdiction of the town, not the Ramsey Board of Education.
Per N.J.S.A. 18A:39-1.2, the town Mayor and Council could designate a route as hazardous.  The town would then pay for the busing.  No route in Ramsey has been so designated.