266 East Main Street • Ramsey, NJ 07446

For safety reasons, all students are picked-up and dropped-off on the residence-side of the street wherever possible.  Students must use their own assigned bus stop.  Students may not get on or off the bus at an earlier or later bus stop.  Students may not cross major roads. 
All transportation changes, deletions, and additions, must be submitted to Brenda Myer, District Transportation Coordinator, no later than Friday, August 12, 2016.  Please submit changes, deletions, or additions as far in advance of this date as possible.  Time is needed to process the many applications and changes that the Transportation Coordinator receives.  Requests will be processed again after September 19, 2016.  If it is possible to accommodate your change prior to that date, you will be informed.  Parents are responsible for transporting students until busing information is received in the mail.  For transportation changes, the busing schedule that parents initially receive in the mail will be kept in place until an updated busing schedule is received in the mail.  Thank you for your cooperation during this busy time of year.


After September 19, 2016, during the school year, requests for transportation or transportation changes have a 10 school-day turn-around time from date and time of receipt.  Parents are responsible for transporting students until busing information is received in the mail.


Requests for special pick-up/drop-off times and locations cannot be honored.


All day variances have been eliminated.


New Jersey State Law does not require local Boards of Education to pick-up or drop-off at Day Care Centers.  Per State Law, eligibility criteria is from home to the public school.  The Ramsey Board of Education will provide transportation to or from a Day Care Center located in Ramsey as a favor and with the cooperation of all parties concerned.  Students must be toileted before getting on the bus.  An Aide from the Day Care Center must bring the child out to the bus.  New Jersey State Statutes do not allow Bus Drivers and Bus Aides to leave the bus or children unattended. 
Students will be picked-up at ONLY one location and dropped-off
at ONLY one location EVERY day.  This location must be in Ramsey.
The Ramsey Board of Education does not have Courtesy Busing.

Joint Custody Students who are eligible for busing are entitled to one bus
and one bus stop.  This bus and bus stop will be at the student's primary
residence only.  
Legal Proof of which parent is the parent of primary residence
for school purposes is required.
Subscription Busing Joint Custody Students:  The
parent who signs the form is responsible for the full payment.  It is not
the responsibility of the Ramsey Board of Education to collect monies
from ex-spouses.