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Internet Safety
Student Assembly
With the proliferation of technology, issues related to "internet safety" have become of great concern to law enforcement, schools, parents, and children.  Our district provides education to parents and children on the dangers associated with internet usage and computer related applications. Ramsey Schools host programs for parents and students in partnership with the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office and Common Sense Media .  

The following websites are valuable resources for learning about internet safety.
The Bergen County Prosecutor's Office:Computer Crimes Task Force
(Go to "units and squads,"  Go to "computer crimes unit")
Internet Safety For Our Children
Originally formed to provide help and protection for Internet users of all ages, its work has become more and more focused on children, tweens and teens in recent years. Now WiredSafety acts as a lifeline in cyberspace for protecting and guiding children online. WiredSafety is dedicated to protecting children in cyberspace from cybercrimes and abuse. It protects children from everyone online, including each other. This includes protecting them from cyberbullying, hacking and ID theft. It also includes the protection of children everywhere from Internet-related sexual exploitation, including assisting law enforcement in the investigation and prevention of trafficking of children, child pornography and organized child molester groups. WiredSafety's experience is particularly effective in assisting law enforcement agencies in improving their undercover skills.
Another Great Source of Information on Internet Safety

Monitoring Texting: Abbreviations Parents Should Know
Cyber Language