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Selecting a Support Coordination Agency: 
Making Choices, Becoming Empowered 
A Guide for Families


Selecting a Support Coordination Agency coverThe Boggs Center's Selecting a Support Coordination Agency guide for families provides information and ideas to help select a Support Coordination Agency. This resource includes:

      • Important considerations in understanding your family member's preferences and support needs
      • Suggestions for questions to ask to learn more about Support Coordination Agencies
      • Reflection questions to help you decide which Agency will meet your family member's needs best

The guide has been revised to provide more information about submitting your selection and what to expect once you've submitted the Support Coordination Agency Selection Form. Available in English and Spanish. 



Evaluating Your Family Member's Support Coordination Services  

Ongoing evaluation of the support coordination services your family member receives is an important piece of the Family and Support Coordination partnership. This new evaluation tool contains:

Evaluating Your Family Member_s Support Coordination Services cover 

      • Questions to determine to determine if your family member's support coordination needs are being met
      • Guidance on how to discuss where the Support Coordinator is doing well and what could be improved
      • Information on requesting a change in Support Coordination Agencies if needed.



Resources for People with Disabilities Also Available



Selecting a Support Coordination Agency: 
Making Choices, Becoming Empowered & Evaluating Your Support Coordination Services for People with Disabilities


Selecting a Support Coordination Agency cover 

Tool for Evaluating Support Coordination Services cover


These resources offer people who will be or already are receiving services through New Jersey's Division of Developmental Disabilities with information and ideas to help select a Support Coordination Agency and evaluate the Support Coordination services they receive. 

Available in English and Spanish 


Download from The Boggs Center website



Getting the Community Life You Want: A Guide to Home and Community Based Services Advocacy


Getting the Community Life You Want coverThis guide contains information about the Home and Community Based Settings (HCBS) Final Settings Rule, a federal policy change that provides new opportunities for people with disabilities to have the kinds of community services they want. It includes resources to help you provide your Support Coordinator and service providers with input about the services you receive and how they can to help you get the community life you want. 


Available in English and Spanish  






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