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Ramsey School District Administration of Medication in School 


 New Jersey State law PROHIBITS administration of ANY medication, including Tylenol, Advil, or any other “over - the- counter” medication without a DOCTOR’S ORDER AND A PARENT OR GUARDIAN’S WRITTEN CONSENT.
Complete a Medication Authorization form for your child for each medication they will require. Your physician's office must sign the document. 
  •  All OVER THE COUNTER medications MUST be supplied from home, in their original container, and labeled with the student’s name. MEDICATION SENT TO SCHOOL IN A BAGGIE, ENVELOPE OR TISSUE WILL NOT BE ADMINISTERED.
  • Prescription medication administered in school MUST be in its original container, and labeled with the student’s name, dosage and frequency. 
  • Medications will not be issued if they are expired. It is your responsibility to provide in-date medication.
  • All Medication must be delivered to the school nurse by a parent or guardian. Any medication  brought in by a student will not be administered. If medication is a controlled substance the number of pills must be verified with the school nurse. 

  • Students MAY NOT CARRY ANY MEDICATION ON THEIR PERSON for the purpose of self-administration. There are exceptions to that rule: i.e. Inhalers and Epi-Pens for life threatening conditions such as asthma, bee stings, and/or food allergies. Inhalers and Epi-pens may only be carried by students who demonstrate appropriate knowledge of technique and administration. A doctor’s order and parent or guardian’s written consent is necessary.
  • Students with asthma may carry their inhalers with them only with physician authorization. Your physician may write on a prescription or office letter head that your child is responsible, has been instructed in the proper use of the inhaler and may carry his/her inhaler with him/her at all times. This note/letter must be on file in the clinic.
  • Prescriptions must be written for the present school year only, as it will not carry over to following school year.
The Ramsey School District Health Care Form Site lists all of the necessary forms and instructions to complete  information if you child has a medical condition, or requires the dispensing of medication during school hours.
In addition, each of our schools have a  school nurse webpage listed under  "Student Services" for their school. Please communicate directly with them regarding your child. 
Physical Exams dated within 365 days are necessary to enter our school district and to participate in school athletics.  
Immunizations must be up to date and a copy of the schedule must be submitted to register, unless you have completed a religious or medical exemption form. 
Link to the CDC to read more about immunizations and health.